About Us

Islamic Design House started in 2005 in the heart of London’s fashion and creative hub, just next to the iconic Oxford Street. Our fashion conscious team wanted sisters to express their Muslim identity confidently. So we started to craft JilbabsAbayasHijabs and modest wear that combine both western Fashion with modest fashion – we were essentially living and breathing modest wear and now it’s our thing!  

Variety is what keeps our  lives interesting so we offer a spectrum of designs to suit different styles, personalities and occasions – each finished with meticulous attention to detail and quality.  When we choose what to wear, we choose what to tell the world about who we are and what makes each of us amazing, and unique. It’s an incredible privilege to be a part of that choice for our sisters in the Muslim community whilst encouraging sisters around the world to explore the trendiness of modest fashion.



We like to stay close and connected; after all, our motto is bringing Faith, Fun and fashion together! We want to make sisters feel like they are part of a close family (all 1 million and growing) – The IDH family, whilst helping them look and feel the best of themselves. This is why we have different platforms that have daily content for you to engage with us regularly and keep up to date. Your words are valuable to us because your input makes Islamic Design House unique, innovative and stylish with every collection – and also... we love a good chat :) Our regular competitions like Trigger A Winner and Share it, Name it, Win it are fun ways for you to get creative and win great prizes - so keep an eye out on our page



Route 01: Inspired by the energy and excitement that pulses through the world of sport. This is for active sisters that demand colourful comfort and expressive choices.

Urban Studio: This takes inspiration from the heartbeat of modern cities. The urban studio line is ideal for the sister with an eye for style which is all about being confident and expressive. 

Versastyle: The essence of classic femininity with soft, delicate and refined looks – perfect for the sister who craves beautiful, effortless style.

Simplicity: Trend driven and young, simplicity is all about keeping up with western trends whilst maintaining modesty. 

InEssence: Plain coloured hijabs that let you pick from 100 colours, 5 fabrics and 2 sizes. This brand is truly yours to customize and we label this as part of a sister’s essentials.



Our hard work to reach out to the Muslim communities around the world has been rewarded with successful franchise stores and an international network of stockists.  We have 13 international stores and our products are distributed in over 63 countries! read about it here